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Brand Reset
CPU Socket Reset
Xeon LGA-3647(7)
LGA 2011-3(163)
LGA 1151 H4(31)
LGA 1150 H3(2)
LGA 2011(2)
Xeon D(10)
Intel Atom(6)
LGA 1366(2)
Xeon PGA604(1)
AMD 940(2)
Chassis Dimension Reset
5U and UP(1)
Blade / Modular(19)
Mini Case(5)
# of Processor Reset
# of HDD Reset
up to 2(44)
up to 4(57)
up to 8(47)
up to 16(44)
up to 32(24)
up to 64(11)
up to 128(1)
# of Nodes Included Reset
up to 2(43)
up to 4(10)
up to 8(14)
up to 12(3)
up to 24(1)
Memory Type Reset
Memory Slots Reset
up to 2(3)
up to 4(48)
up to 8(29)
up to 12(2)
up to 16(91)
up to 24(44)
up to 32(2)
up to 48(3)
up to 96(3)
input power Reset
DC 24V(1)
DC 48V(3)
PS Type Reset
DC Power(3)
HDD Dimension Reset
HDD Interface Reset
SAS 12 Gb/s(68)
SAS 6 Gb/s(14)
SATA 12 Gb/s(2)
SATA 6 Gb/s(129)
M.2 PCIe(2)
Price Reset
up to $500(9)
up to $1000(32)
up to $2000(61)
up to $5000(83)
up to $10000(38)
up to $15000(5)
up to $30000(3)
Reset All
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Server, Workstation and Mini System (GPU, Blade, Storage RAID) List all
* List By supported CPU (Intel Xeon, core i7, ... ) List all
AMD 4-way or 8-way systems (4 or 8 Opteron processors) List all
AMD socket 939 systems - Opteron 100 List all
AMD socket 940 systems - Opteron 200 List all
AMD socket AM2 systems - Opteron 1000 List all
AMD Socket AM3+ List all
AMD socket C32 system - Opteron 4100 server List all
AMD socket F system - Opteron 2000 six-core/quad-core/dual-core List all
AMD socket G34 system - Opteron 6200/6100 16/12/8-core server List all
Intel 4-way or 8-way systems (4 CPU and UP) List all
Intel Atom/ Xeon D low power systems List all
Intel LGA1150 UP system - Xeon E3 v3 socket H3 List all
Intel LGA1151 UP system - Xeon E3 v5 socket H4 List all
Intel LGA1155 UP system - Xeon E3 Core i3 i5 i7 socket H2 List all
Intel LGA1156 UP systems - Xeon 3400 servers List all
Intel LGA1356 (b2) DP systems - Xeon E5-2400 servers List all
Intel LGA1366 DP systems - Xeon 5600/5500 servers six-core List all
Intel LGA1366 UP systems -core i7, Xeon 3500 servers List all
Intel LGA2011 socket R systems -Xeon E5 Servers List all
Intel LGA2011-3 socket R3 systems - Xeon E5 2600v3/v4 Servers List all
Intel socket 478-pin systems - Pentium 4 List all
Intel socket LGA775 systems -Xeon 3000, Pentium 4, D, CORE 2 Duo List all
Intel Xeon 533 bus (Server, Workstation, Rackmount, RAID ...) List all
Intel Xeon 800 bus (Server, Workstation, Rackmount, RAID ...) List all
Intel Xeon Dual-core LV 479-pin Sossaman systems List all
Intel Xeon LGA771 -2 Quad-Core or Dual-core Xeon systems List all
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A+ 1010P-TR 1U Rackmount Server R-400W Opteron Dual-Core SATA*4 AS-1010P-TRB (Black ) $900.00 SY-SM-1010PTR
A+ 1020P-8R 1U Rackmount Server Dual Opteron Dual-Core SCSI*4 R-700W $1050.00 SY-SM-1020P8R
A+ 4040C-TR Tower/4U Server 4-Way Opteron 800 940-Pin Dual-Core DDR 5xSATA Hot-swap R1000W $1450.00 SY-SM-4040CTR
Acme A2-C16-L8PF-DC Atom C3958 16-core 1U 12-inch server 8 LANs IPMI DC power input $1549.00 SY-AC-A2C16L8DC
Acme AT-102H2-DC Atom C2558 1U 10-inch server IPMI DC 24V power input 2 x HDD bays $758.00 SY-AC-AT102H2DC
Acme E2-108L4F Xeon E-2100/2200 LGA1151 H4 DDR4 4*LAN 8x 2.5in hot-swap 1U server IPMI $649.00 SY-AC-E2108L4F
Acme H4-102F2 1U UP Xeon E3-1200v6 LGA-1151 DDR4 2x3.5" or 3x2.5" SATA3 2x GbE $490.00 SY-AC-H4102F2
Acme H4-102L4 17-inch Xeon E3-1200 v6 /core i3 (7th Gen) LGA1151 H4 DDR4 4*GbE 17in front IO 1U server IPMI $558.00 SY-AC-H4102L4
Acme H4-104E2DCR 1U server Xeon E2100/E2200 LGA1151 H4 DDR4 2*GbE 4x 3.5in hot-swap redundant DC power IPMI $1049.00 SY-AC-H4104E2DCR
Acme H4-108D2 Xeon E3-1200 v6 /core i3/i5/i7 (7th Gen) LGA1151 H4 DDR4 4*LAN 8x 2.5in hot-swap 1U server IPMI $826.00 SY-AC-H4108D2
Acme H4-W07D4 workstation DDR4 LGA1151 Xeon E3-1200v6, core i7 7th quiet 900W power supply GPU $739.00 SY-AC-H4W07D4
Acme PD-316ESR 3U DP Xeon Scalable server Socket P DDR4 16x3.5-in SAS3 RAID HotSwap 2 10GbE R1000W $2659.00 SY-AC-PD316ESR
Acme PS-316ESR 3U UP Scalable server Socket P (LGA 3647) DDR4 16x3.5-in SAS3/SATA3 HotSwap 2 10GbE R1000W $2469.00 SY-AC-PS316ESR
Acme R3-104E5 Xeon E5-1600/2600 v3/v4 socket R3 DDR4 1U server IPMI 4x 3.5 HDD hot-swap $641.00 SY-AC-R3104E5
Acme RD-104TRT DP Xeon E5-2600v3/v4 LGA2011-3 based 2x10GbE SATA*4 hot-swap IPMI 1U Server Rx400W $999.00 SY-AC-RD104TRT
Acme RD-408TRL2 4U GPU workstation DP Xeon E5-2600 v3/v4 LGA2011-3 DDR4 8x3.5" Hot-Swap SATA3 2xGbe R2000W $1959.00 SY-AC-RD408TRL2
Acme XD-1541DC Xeon® processor D-1541 1U short server DDR4 SATA3 2.5/3.5in HDD IPMI VGA 2x10GbE 2xGbE DC power   Preorder $1665.00 SY-AC-XD-1541DC
ASUS ESC1000 G2 Workstation Tower Xeon E5-1600 LGA2011 Six-Core 0xGPU DDR3 4x3.5-in SATA3 Hot-swap 1350W 80PLUS Black $900.00 SY-AS-ESC1KG2
ASUS RS100-E10-PI2 1U Server Rackmount Xeon E-2100/E-2200 LGA1151 DDR4 2x 3.5" 2x M.2 250W/300W $460.00 SY-AS-RS100E10PI2
ASUS RS100-E9-PI2 1U Server Rackmount Xeon E3-1200v5/v6 LGA1151 DDR4 2x 3.5" SATA3 M.2 250W $430.00 SY-AS-RS100E9PI2
ASUS RS720Q-E9-RS24-S Server 2U Quad Node DP Xeon LGA 3647 DDR4 24x 2.5" SATA/SAS/NVMe Dual LAN 1+1 Redundant 1600W/2200W $4765.00 SY-AS-720QE9RS24S
ASUS RS720Q-E9-RS8-S Server 2U Quad Node DP Xeon Socket P LGA 3647 DDR4 8x 2.5" SATA/SAS/NVMe 1+1 Redundant 1600W/2200W $4190.00 SY-AS-720QE9RS8S
ASUS TS700-E8-PS4 V2 5U Tower Xeon E5-2600v3/v4 LGA 2011-3 DDR4 4x3.5" SATA3 Hot-swap 1200W PSU, Black $1260.00 SY-AS-700E8PS4V2
Giada Ultra Mini-PC System i51-BE641 Core i5 SO-DIMM DDR3 1x2.5-in GbE WiFi Bluetooth HD-Audio D-Sub HDMI 30W Windows7 Retail $1638.00 SY-GD-I51BE641
Intel H2216JFQJR Jefferson Pass 2U 4 Nodes Xeon E5-2600 Server System w/ 2x 1200W AC Common Redundant Power Supply $4250.00 SY-IT-2216JFQJR
Intel P4308RPLSHDR 4U/Pedestal Server UP Xeon LGA1150 4-Core DDR3 8x3.5/2.5-in SATA3 Hot-Swap R460W Black Retail $888.00 SY-IT-P4308RPLSHDR
Supermicro 1018L-MP UP Intel LGA1150 H3 1x Mini-PCIe 1x2.5" HDD Mini-ITX Embedded System $400.00 SY-SM-1018LMP
Supermicro 1028GQ-TR 1U DP Xeon E5-2600 v4/v3 R3 DDR4 2x 2.5" Hot-Swap SATA3 R2000W SYS-1028GQ-TR $2448.00 SY-SM-1028GQTR
Supermicro 1028GQ-TRT 1U DP Xeon E5-2600 v4/v3 R3 DDR4 2x2.5" Hot-Swap SATA3 10GBase-T R2000W SYS-1028GQ-TRT $2560.00 SY-SM-1028GQTRT
Supermicro 6048R-TXR 4U DP Xeon E5-2600 v4/ v3 DDR4 11 PCIe 5x3.5" Hot-Swap SATA3 2xGbE R600W SYS-6048R-TXR $1586.00 SY-SM-6048R-TXR
Supermicro 7043A-i SuperWorkstation Dual Xeon/533 4U Rackmount/tower $600.00 SY-SM-7043AI
Supermicro E200-9A Mini-iTX Embedded System Intel Atom C3558 DDR4 1x2.5" 1x M.2 HDD 4 x GbE IPMI SYS-E200-9A $478.00 SY-SM-E2009A
Supermicro E300-8D Mini-1U Single Intel Xeon processor D-1518 DDR4 1x2.5" HDD SYS-E300-8D Embedded System $789.00 SY-SM-E3008D
Supermicro E300-9A-4C Mini-iTX Embedded System Intel Atom C3558 DDR4 1x2.5" M.2 HDD 4 x GbE IPMI 84W DC power adapter $536.00 SY-SM-E300-9A-4C
Supermicro E300-9A-8C Mini-iTX Embedded System Intel Atom C3758 DDR4 1x2.5" M.2 HDD 4 x GbE IPMI 84W DC power adapter $720.00 SY-SM-E300-9A-8C
Supermicro E302-9D Mini-1U fanless Single Intel Xeon processor D-2123IT DDR4 1x2.5" HDD SYS-E302-9D $1099.00 SY-SM-E3029D
Supermicro FatTwin F618R2-FC0 Octal set of DP Xeon E5-2600v3 LGA2011-3 DDR4 2x2.5-in SAS3 Hot-Swap 1GbE R1280W $7710.00 SY-SM-F618R2FC0
Supermicro FatTwin F618R2-FT Octal set of DP Xeon E5-2600v3 LGA2011-3 DDR4 2x2.5-in SATA3 Hot-Swap 1GbE R1280W $6749.00 SY-SM-F618R2FT
Supermicro FatTwin F618R2-R72+ Octal set of DP Xeon E5-2600v3 LGA2011-3 DDR4 6x 2.5-in SAS2 Hot Swap GbE R1620W $10434.00 SY-SM-F618R2R72+
Supermicro FatTwin F618R2-R72PT+ Octal set of DP Xeon E5-2600v3 LGA2011-3 DDR4 6x 2.5-in SAS2 Hot Swap 10GbE R1620W $11318.00 SY-SM-F618R2R72PT+
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