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Supermicro SuperServer SuperWorkstation - Intel / AMD Server List all
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Supermicro MBE-314E-220 Microblade 3U Enclosure 2x 2000W supports 14 blades $2029.00 SY-MBE-314E-220
Supermicro MBE-314E-416 Microblade 3U Enclosure 4x 1600W supports 14 blades $2343.00 SY-MBE-314E-416
Supermicro MBE-314E-420 Microblade 3U Enclosure 4x 2000W supports 14 blades $2517.00 SY-MBE-314E-420
Supermicro MBE-628E-416 Microblade 6U Enclosure 4x 1600W supports 28 blades $3016.00 SY-SM-SBE628E416
Supermicro MBE-628E-420 Microblade 6U Enclosure 4x 2000W supports 28 blades $3411.00 SY-SM-SBE628E42
Supermicro MBE-628E-816 Microblade 6U Enclosure 8x 1600W supports 28 blades $4058.00 SY-SM-SBE628E816
Supermicro MBE-628E-820 Microblade 6U Enclosure 8x 2000W supports 28 blades $4425.00 SY-SM-SBE628E82
Supermicro MBE-628L-416 Microblade 6U Enclosure 4x 1600W supports 28 blades $3137.00 SY-SM-SBE628L416
Supermicro MBE-628L-816 Microblade 6U Enclosure 8x 1600W supports 28 blades $4030.00 SY-SM-SBE628L816
Supermicro Processor Blade MBI-6119M-T2N UP Xeon E-2100/2200 H4 DDR4 2x2.5inch 1 x M.2 HDD/SSD 2x GbE $456.00 SY-SM-MBI6119MT2N
Supermicro Processor Blade MBI-6128R-T2X Dual Xeon E5-2600 v3 R3 DDR4 2x2.5inch SATA3 HDD/SSD 2x 10GbE $678.00 SY-SM-MBI6128RT2X
Supermicro Processor Blade MBI-6219G-T dual-node UP Xeon E3-1200 v5/v6 H4 DDR4 2x2.5inch SATA3 HDD/SSD 2x GbE $608.00 SY-SM-MBI-6219G-T
Supermicro Processor Blade MBI-6219M-2N UP Xeon E-2100/2200 H4 dual node DDR4 2x2.5inch 1 x M.2 HDD/SSD 2x GbE $893.00 SY-SM-MBI6219M2N
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