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Product Code Price
$149 Intel NVMe 400GB Solid-State Drive SSDPE2MX400G401 DC P3500 Series 2.5-inch 15mm 2200 MB/s Read SSD-IT-PE2MX400G401 $149.00
$189 6TB HGST 0F23650 / HUH728060AL4200 - SAS HDD 6TB Ultrastar He8 4KN ISE Enterprise SAS 12Gb/s 7200 rpm 128MB 3.5-in HD-HI-0F23650 $189.00
$490 Intel SATA 1.2TB SSD SSDSC2BB012T701 DC S3520 Series 2.5-inch 7mm SATA 6Gb/s 450 MB/s Read 16nm 3D NAND SSD-IT-SC2BB012T701 $490.00
*Acme AS-JB316D-6G SAS2/SATA 3U 16 bays SAS2 JBOD storage subsystem 2 x 700W dual SAS exp SR-AC-JB316D6G $1366.00
1.2TB Toshiba AL14SEB12EQ / HDEBJ11GEA51 - SAS HDD 1.2TB Enterprise Performance HDD SAS 12.0GB/s 512E 10K RPM 128MB 2.5-inch HD-TO-AL14SEB12EQ $229.99
1GB DDR2-800 PC2-6400 Fully Buffered ECC 1.8V DIMM Original Brand Name FBD-1GB-8 $39.99
3D Labs Oxygen VX1 AGP4X 32MB Retail Box VGA-3D-VX1 $35.00
3Ware 7006-2 Escalade storage Controller Bulk CT-3W-70062B $45.00
3Ware 8506-8 Escalade 8 Ports SATA 150 RAID Card (Bulk) CT-3W-85068B $140.00
3Ware 9500S-12 12 ports SATA 150 Raid Controller Card Bulk+Cable CT-3W-9500S12B $228.00
3Ware 9500S-8 8 ports SATA 150 Raid Controller Card, New, without Cable CT-3W-9500S8B $103.00
3ware 9550SX-12 12-Port SATA II PCI-X RAID Controller Bulk+Cable CT-3W-9550SX12B $269.00
3ware 9550SX-12ML SGL 12-Port Multi-lane SATA II PCI-X RAID Controller Single w/o Cable CT-3W-9550X12LB $269.00
512MB DDR2-400 PC2-3200 Unbuffered ECC 240pin DIMM Original Brand Name DDR2-512-3200E $20.99
8TB Seagate ST8000NM001A - SAS 512e HDD 8TB Exos 7E8 Enterprise SAS 12Gb/s 7200rpm 256MB 3.5-in Bulk HD-ST-8000NM001A $242.99
A+ 1010P-TR 1U Rackmount Server R-400W Opteron Dual-Core SATA*4 AS-1010P-TRB (Black ) SY-SM-1010PTR $939.00
A+ 1020P-8R 1U Rackmount Server Dual Opteron Dual-Core SCSI*4 R-700W SY-SM-1020P8R $1074.00
A+ 4040C-TR Tower/4U Server 4-Way Opteron 800 940-Pin Dual-Core DDR 5xSATA Hot-swap R1000W SY-SM-4040CTR $1509.00
A+ H8DA8 Motherboard 2-Way Opteron 200 Socket 940 Dual-Core DDR SCSI RAID ZCR IPMI GbE PCIx eATX MBD-H8DA8-O Retail MB-SM-H8DA8 $100.00
A+ H8DSR-i Motherboard 2-Way Opteron 200 Socket 940 Dual-Core DDR SATA2 IPMI GbE PCIe eATX MBD-H8DSR-i-O Retail MB-SM-H8DSRI $100.00
A+ H8SSL-i Motherboard Opteron 100 Socket 939-Pin DDR SATA IPMI GbE PCIx ATX MBD-H8SSL-i-O Retail MB-SM-H8SSLI $100.00
Acme JB316-700 3U storage Chassis with SAS expander, 16 SAS/SATA Hot-Swap eATX 700W CS-AC-JB316-7 $399.00
Acme R3-102E5 Xeon E5-1600 & 2600 v3/v4 DDR4 1U 14-inch server IPMI 3.5 HDD SY-AC-R3102E5 $504.00
Acme RD-104TF-DO DP Xeon E5-2600 v3/v4 LGA2011-3 based SATA*4 hot-swap IPMI 1U Server 440W SY-AC-RD104TFDO $679.00
Acme RS405TF Xeon E5-1600/2600 UP SATA*5 hot-swap 4U GPU server IPMI PCIe PCI-x SY-AC-RS405TF $699.00
AMD Opteron 2344 HE Processor OS2344PAL4BGHWOF 2-Way Quad-Core Socket F 1207-Pin 1.7GHz 1000MHz 4MB 55W WOF/Tray CP-AD-OP2344HET $202.00
AMD Opteron 2346 HE Processor OS2346PAL4BGHWOF 2-Way Quad-Core Socket F 1207-Pin 1.8GHz 1000MHz 4MB 55W WOF/Tray CP-AD-OP2346HET $60.00
AMD Opteron 2350 HE Processor OS2350PAL4BGH 2-Way Quad-Core Socket F 1207-Pin 2.0GHz 1000MHz 4MB 55W Tray CP-AD-OP2350HET $170.00
ASUS A7V266 AMD Socket A with onBoard Audio MB-AS-A7V266-A $85.00
ASUS ESC1000 G2 Workstation Tower Xeon E5-1600 LGA2011 Six-Core 0xGPU DDR3 4x3.5-in SATA3 Hot-swap 1350W 80PLUS Black SY-AS-ESC1KG2 $919.00
Chenbro PC40523-BK-300W Desktop Case Micro-ATX CS-CB-PC405235 $72.00
Chenbro PC71023-BD-250W Slim PC Case 250W PSU CS-CB-PC71023 $62.00
Chenbro RM21406T 2U 24-in 1x5.25 1xSlimCD bay 1xSlimFDD bay 6xSATA Hot-Swap No PSU CS-CB-RM21406T $245.00
Chenbro RM21508T2-B 2U 26-inch 8 SATA2 hot-swap No PSU CS-CB-RM215B $315.00
Chenbro RM31408T 3U 26-in 2x5.25 1x3.5 1xSlimCD bay 8xSATAII Hot-Swap No PSU CS-CB-RM31408T $460.00
Intel ® Centrino ® Advanced - N 6205 Dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz 300Mbps 802.11a/b/g/n PCI Express 62205ANHMWDTX1 NW-IT-62205ANHMWDTX1 $39.00
Intel AXXCMA2 Cable management arm for 2/4U Premium Rail AXXFULLRAIL only AS-IT-AXXCMA2 $69.00
Intel BX80563E5320A Quad-Core Xeon E5320 LGA771 1.86GHz 1066MHz 8MB Active Retail CP-IT-X5320A $239.00
Intel Core i3-2120T Processor BX80623I32120T LGA1155 Dual-Core 2.60GHz 3MB 5.0GT/s 32nm LV35W Retail CP-IT-CI32120T $149.00
Intel Desktop Board BOXD845PTL P4 FCPGA 533MHz DDR ATA100 LAN VGA mATX MB-IT-D845PTL $99.00
Intel E10G41AT2 10-Gigabit Ethernet AT2 Server Adapter PCIe Single-Port 1xRJ45 Copper 10GBASE-T Low-Profile Retail NW-IT-10G41AT2 $289.00
Intel H2216JFQJR Jefferson Pass 2U 4 Nodes Xeon E5-2600 Server System w/ 2x 1200W AC Common Redundant Power Supply SY-IT-2216JFQJR $4250.00
Intel NVMe 1TB Solid-State Drive SSDPE2KX010T801 DC P4510 Series 2.5-inch 15mm 2850 MB/s Read 3D NAND TLC SSD-IT-PE2KX010T801 $279.99
Intel SATA 800GB Solid-State Drive SSDSC2BX800G401 DC S3610 Series 2.5-inch 7mm SATA 6Gb/s 540MB/s Read 20nm NAND MLC SSD-IT-SC2BX800G401 $290.00
Intel SATA 80GB Solid-State Drive SSDSA1NW080G301 320-Series 1.8-inch 5mm SATA2 3Gb/s 270MB/sec 25nm MLC-Flash SSD-IT-NW08G301 $59.00
Intel Server Board S5000VSASATAR Xeon 5300 LGA771 FB-DIMM SATA2 GbE PCIe Retail MB-IT-S5KVSASAT $99.00
Intel Server Board SCB2ATA P3 FCPGA 133MHz DDR ATA100 LAN VGA eATX MB-IT-SCB2A $99.00
Intel Server Board SE7500WV2 Xeon FCPGA 400MHz DDR ATA100 GbE VGA ATX MB-IT-SWV2ATA $89.00
Intel Server Board SE7520BB2 Xeon LV mPGA479 DDR2 SATA2 GbE PCIe eATX Bulk MB-IT-SE7520BB2 $89.00
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