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AMD Opteron 2346 HE Processor OS2346PAL4BGHWOF 2-Way Quad-Core Socket F 1207-Pin 1.8GHz 1000MHz 4MB 55W WOF/Tray
List Price: $ 193.00 / Each
Price: $ 60.00 / Each
Product Code: CP-AD-OP2346HET
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Product Description:
Third-Generation AMD Opteron™ Processor Model 2346 HE

Ordering Parts Number:
AMD OPN: OS2346PAL4BGHWOF (box without fan), or OS2346PAL4BGH (Tray).
Note: AMD CPU, no cancel, no return.

Model: 2346 HE
Virtualization: Yes
Revision: B3
Core Count: 4
Core Speed (Mhz): 1800
System Bus Speed (MHz): 1000
Voltages: 1.125 V
Max Temps (C):
Wattage (W): 55
L1 Cache Size (KB): 128
L1 Cache Count: 4
L2 Cache Size (KB): 512
L2 Cache Count: 4
L2 Cache Speed (Mhz): 1800
L3 Cache Size (KB): 2048
CMOS: 65nm SOI
Integrated Memory Controller Speed (Mhz): 1600
Socket: Socket F (1207)

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