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ASUS A7V266 AMD Socket A with onBoard Audio
Price: $ 85.00 / Each
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Product Code: MB-AS-A7V266-A
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Product Description:


Introduction   The A7V266 delivers an optimal balance of performance and features for AMD Socket A Athlon/Duron processors. By leveraging the VIA?/SUP> KT266 chipset with its advanced V-LinkTM architecture and DDR (double data rate) SDRAM memory support, the A7V266 delivers superior performance for power intensive applications.
DDR Memory Support   The A7V266 supports up to 3GB of PC2100/PC1600 high-speed DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM for a peak bandwidth of 2.1 GB/s. The ultra-fast 266 MHz memory bus provides enhanced system performance for intense gaming and multimedia applications.
High Quality Audio
  Experience high-quality 6-channel 3D surround audio with the optional C-Media CMI8738 audio controller. This unique chip eliminates the cost of an additional soundcard and adds dynamic realism to your favorite MP3s or DVDs.
Latest Standards
  An AGP Pro/4X slot and an ULTRA-DMA 33/66/100 interface allows support of the most advanced graphics cards and hard drives.
Easy Overclocking
  ASUS A7V266 offers the most overclocking options available to maximize your system performance.
  • Easy DIP Switch or JumperfreeTM overclocking from BIOS
  • Flexible CPU Core Voltage Adjustments in 0.05V increments over defaults
  • Accurate 1MHz adjustments of system-bus-frequency
  • Adjustable VIO memory voltage
  • Adjustable FSB/PCI/MEM ratio
  • Rock-solid stability
Spec Summary
  • Supports Socket A (462) AMD Althlon/Duron processors up to 1.4GHz+
  • VIA KT266 VT8366 North Bridge chipset with VT8233 South Bridge
  • 200/266MHz Front-Side-Bus (FSB)
  • 3 DIMM slots support up to 3GB PC1600/PC2100 DDR SDRAM
  • Ultra-DMA 33/66/100
  • AGP Pro slot with AGP4X support
  • Six USB Ports, five PCI slots, one AMR shared slot, two serial ports, one parallel port
  • Optional C-Media CMI8738 6-Channel audio controller
  • Wake-On-LAN, Wake-On-Ring, Chassis Intrusion support
  • Smart Card Reader (SCR) interface support
  • ASUS PC Health MonitoringTM and ASUS PC ProbeTM software


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