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Areca ARC-6120BA-T121-12G Battery Backup Module for ARC-1883 series   Special Order(Non-Refundable)   Preorder $185.00 AS-AE-6120T121-12G
Avago AFBR-57R5APZ Fibre channel Transceiver SFP LC Duplex 4Gb new $45.00 AS-FT-SFP4LC
Intel CYPCBLSL208KIT 2U SlimSas Cable x8 (CPU to HSBP) Kit $130.00 AS-IT-CYPCBLSL208KIT
LSI Logic Accessory L5-25376-00 / LSI00291 BBU-BRACKET-05 Remote Mounting Bracket for LSI BBUs Bare $75.00 AS-LS-BBUBRACK05
LSI LSI00260 Remote Battery Kit, Needed ONLY if remote cable required for LSIiBBU06/07/08 to 9260 series (9260-4i, 8i, 16i) $49.00 AS-LS-00260
Quantum TC-L72AN-BR LTO-7 HH tape drive, Internal Bare, 6Gb/s SAS (SFF8482), 5.25", Black, Bare $2995.00 AS-QT-TCL72ANBR
Supermicro AOM-TPM-9655H security hardware device on the system board $40.00 AS-SM-TPM9655H
Supermicro AOM-TPM-9655V Security Hardware Device for Supermicro New Generation X9 Serverboards $40.00 AS-SM-TPM9655V
Supermicro BTR-CV3108-1U1 Supercap/TFM Unit for cached data protection for 3108 RAID   Preorder $309.00 AS-SM-BTRCV31081U1
Supermicro BTR-CV3108-TP2 Supercap/TFM Unit for cached data protection for S3108 RAID TwinPro $305.00 AS-SM-BTRCV3108TP2
Supermicro BTR-CV3108-U1 Supercap/TFM Unit for cached data protection for AOM-S3108M-H8L   Preorder $315.00 AS-SM-BTRCV3108U1
Supermicro BTR-CVPM05 Broadcom 05-50039-00 CacheVault with 24" Remote Extender $199.00 AS-SM-BTRCVPM05
Supermicro BTR-TFM8G-LSICVM02 Supercap w/8GB CV and cable kit for SAS3 RAID Adapters $329.00 AS-SM-BTRT8CV02
Supermicro CBL-0056L SATA HDD LED Flat Cable $15.00 CAB-SM-0056L
Supermicro CBL-0068L 16-Pin Split Front Panel Cable $17.00 CAB-SM-0068L
Supermicro CBL-0084L 15cm 16-Pin Front Control Panel Split / Extension Cable $17.00 CAB-SM-0084L
Supermicro CDM-PSATA IDE To SATA Adapter for Slim CD-ROM/DVD-ROM $22.00 AS-SM-CDMPSATA
Supermicro CDM-USATA-G Adapter for Slim CD-ROM/DVD-ROM USB to mini-SATA $22.00 AS-SM-CDMUSAT
Supermicro CSE-PTJBOD-CB3 ATX PWR On/Off Control Board for JBOD Storage $199.00 AS-SM-PTJBCB3
Supermicro JBPWR2 CSE-PTJBOD-CB1 ATX PWR On/Off Control Board for JBOD Storage $45.00 AS-SM-PTJBODCB1
Supermicro MCP-150-00017-0B Rubber Pad, 6.5mm H, 10x10mm $15.00 AS-SM-15000017
Supermicro MCP-230-41803-0N Top cover for SC418G with GTX card support, 0.5U LID $61.00 AS-SM-MCP230418
Supermicro MCP-230-41806-0N top cover for SC418G for NVLINK BRIDGE support, 1U LID $75.00 AS-SM-23041806
Supermicro MCP-240-00091-0N bracket for riser card 1U system $18.00 AS-SM-24091N
Supermicro MCP-240-00143-0N Full Height bracket which is part of AOM-SAS3-8I8E $17.00 AS-SM-240001430N
Supermicro MCP-240-00146-0N 2U WIO Half Length Riser Card Bracket for SC825, 826, 213, 216 $32.00 AS-SM-24000146
Supermicro MCP-240-51403-0N bracket for riser card WIO 1U system $25.00 AS-SM-2451403
Supermicro MCP-240-81805-0N Twin Motherboard Kit for SC818 left riser card bracket for twin motherboards $17.00 AS-SM-MCP240818050N
Supermicro MCP-260-00024-0N 1U I/O shield for X8 server MB (3rd LAN + 4xLAN) $17.00 AS-SM-IO26024
Supermicro MCP-310-81803-0B Twin Motherboard Kit for SC818G air shroud for twin motherboards $17.00 AS-SM-MCP310818030B
Supermicro MCP-310-82805-0B Mylar Air Shroud for SC828 (X9QRi/7-TF+,X8QBE/6-(L)F) $28.00 AS-SM-310828050B
Supermicro MCP-450-00001-0N Bracket to install BBU for 2208 in 2.5" Drive Bay $28.00 AS-SM-MCP-450000010N
Supermicro MCP-450-00006-0N Plastic M.2 Holder Kit For X11 Motherboard $16.00 AS-SM-MCP-4506N
Supermicro MCP-640-00068-0N BBU Mounting Kit $55.00 AS-SM-64068KIT
Supermicro PDB-PT418-B6824 27-Pairs Power Distributor for SC418 Chassis $229.00 AS-SM-PDBPT418B68
Supermicro PDB-PT808-S20 Power Distributorfor 1U SC808 $69.00 AS-SM-PDBPT808S20
Supermicro PDB-PT825-8824 Power Distributor for Redundant Power Supply $115.00 AS-SM-PT8258824
Supermicro PDB-PT825-N24 Power Distributor Board for Extend Distributor of 800W/700W Power Suppply of 3U/2U Chassis $110.00 AS-SM-PT825N24
Supermicro SKT-1205L-P4IC-FXC Socket P4 LGA4189 Carrier $25.00 AS-SM-1205L-P4ICFXC
Tyan FRU-RC-9510 Conversion Kit for B7102 to convert from -N model to -G model $130.00 AS-TY-RC9510
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