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Intel A1UFULLRAIL 1U Premium quality rails with CMA support $160.00 AS-IT-A1UFULLRAIL
Intel A1USHRTRAIL 1U Premium Rail $160.00 AS-IT-A1USHRTRAIL
Intel AXXCMA2 Cable management arm for 2/4U Premium Rail AXXFULLRAIL only $69.00 AS-IT-AXXCMA2
Intel AXXFULLRAIL 2/4U Premium quality rails with CMA support $130.00 AS-IT-AXXFULLRAIL
Intel AXXSHRTRAIL 2U and 4U Premium Rail $130.00 AS-IT-AXXSHRTRAIL
Intel CYPHALFEXTRAIL 1U and 2U Half Extension Rail Kit $160.00 AS-IT-CYPHALFEXTRAIL
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