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Case - Server, Rackmount, Storage Chassis, Rack Cabinet List all
Rackmount 3U chassis -storage database raid List all
Acme 836TQ-700A 3U storage Chassis, 16 SAS3/SATA3 3.5 inch Hot-Swap 700W PWS $749.00 CS-AC-836TQ-7
Acme 836TQ-R700A 3U storage Chassis, 16 SAS3/SATA3 3.5 inch Hot-Swap redundant 700W PWS $889.00 CS-AC-836TQ-7R
Acme D303 3U Rackmount Chassis 8xBays 20-inch deep Redundant 350W PS $399.00 CS-AC-D3035R
Acme D303 3U Rackmount Chassis 8xBays 300W 20-inch deep $179.00 CS-AC-D300-3
Acme JB316-700 3U storage Chassis with SAS expander, 16 SAS/SATA Hot-Swap eATX 700W $399.00 CS-AC-JB316-7
Chenbro RM31408T 3U 26-in 2x5.25 1x3.5 1xSlimCD bay 8xSATAII Hot-Swap No PSU $460.00 CS-CB-RM31408T
Supermicro SC835TQC-R1K03B 3U Chassis 8x3.5-in SAS/SATA Hot-Swap eATX R1000W CSE-835TQC-R1K03B   Special Order(Non-Refundable)   Preorder $1081.00 CS-SM-835TQCR103
Supermicro SC835TQC-R802B 3U Chassis 8x3.5-in SAS/SATA Hot-Swap eATX R800W CSE-835TQC-R802B   Special Order(Non-Refundable)   Preorder $1020.00 CS-SM-835TQCR8
Supermicro SC835TQ-R921B 3U Chassis 8x 3.5-in SAS/SATA Hot-Swap eATX and ATX R920W 80PLUS Platinum Certified, Black   Preorder $1059.00 CS-SM-835TQR921
Supermicro SC836BA-R920B 3U Chassis 16x3.5-in SAS/SATA Hot-Swap R-920W CSE-836BA-R920B   Special Order(Non-Refundable)   Preorder $1238.00 CS-SM-836BAR9
Supermicro SC836BE1C-R1K03B 3U Chassis 16x3.5-in SAS3 Hot-Swap eATX R1000W CSE-836BE1C-R1K03B   Special Order(Non-Refundable)   Preorder $1565.00 CS-SM-836BE1C1K
Supermicro SC836BE1C-R1K23B 3U Chassis 16x 3.5" SATA/SAS3 Hot-Swap E-ATX 1200W/1000W Titanium Power Supply   Special Order(Non-Refundable)   Preorder $1613.00 CS-SM-836BE1CR1K23B
Supermicro SC836BE2C-R1K03B 3U Chassis 16x 3.5-in SATA/SAS3 Hot-Swap dual-expander backplane eATX R1000W   Special Order(Non-Refundable)   Preorder $1780.00 CS-SM-836BE2C1K
Supermicro SC836TQ-R710B 3U Chassis 16x3.5-in SAS/SATA Hot-Swap eATX DC 710W CSE-836TQ-R710B   Special Order(Non-Refundable)   Preorder $1320.00 CS-SM-836TQR710
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