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Acme 220W ATX Power supply PS-AC-1U220DC24 DC-24V input 1U size $299.00 PS-AC-1U220DC24
Acmemicro 1010W Hot-Swap DC Power Module PS-DC-1010M for 2U chassis -48V DC input $355.00 PS-DC-1010M
EVGA 100-GD-0600-V1 600W 80+ GOLD Power Supply $95.00 PS-EV-100GD0600V1
EVGA 120-GP-0650-X1 650W 80 Plus GOLD, FDB Fan, Includes Power ON Self Tester Power Supply $138.00 PS-EV-120GP0650X1
Intel AXX1300TCRPS 1300W AC common Power Supply Module with 80Plus Titanium-Efficiency $340.00 PS-IT-1300TCRPS
Intel AXX1600TCRPS 1600W AC Common Power Supply Module with 80Plus Titanium-Efficiency $470.00 PS-IT-AXX1600TCRPS
Intel FCXX2100CRPS 2100W AC Common Power Supply Module with 80Plus Platinum-Efficiency $610.00 PS-IT-FCXX2100CRPS
Intel FXX1100PCRPS/AXX1100PCRPS 1100W AC Common Power Supply Module with 80 Platinum Efficiency $340.00 PS-IT-1100PCRPS
Intel FXX1600PCRPS 1600W AC Common Power Supply Module with 80Plus Platinum-Efficiency $470.00 PS-IT-FXX1600PCRPS
Intel FXX2130PCRPS 2130W AC Common Power Supply Module with 80Plus Platinum-Efficiency $490.00 PS-IT-FXX2130PCRPS
Intel FXX750PCRPS 750W Redundant Power Supply Module for Servers E98791-010 DPS-750XB A $330.00 PS-IT-750PCRPS
Supermicro 1000W Hot-Swap Power Module PWS-1K05A-1R $342.72 PS-SM-1K05A-1R
Supermicro 1000W PWS-1K02A-1R Hot-Swap Power Module $301.00 PS-SM-1K02A-1R
Supermicro 1000W PWS-1K03A-1R Hot-Swap Power Module for 1028TR servers $330.00 PS-SM-1K03A-1R
Supermicro 1000W PWS-1K04A-1R Hot-Swap Power Module $312.00 PS-SM-1K04A-1R
Supermicro 1010W PWS-1K11P-1R Hot-Swap DC Power Module for 2U Chassis SC216 Bulk $376.00 PS-SM-1K11P1R
Supermicro 1200W PWS-1K21P-1R Hot-Swap Power Module for 1U/2U Chassis SC808 SC809 SC216 SC826 SC827 80PLUS Bulk $289.00 PS-SM-1K21P1R
Supermicro 1200W PWS-1K22A-1R Hot-Swap Power Module $320.00 PS-SM-1K22A-1R
Supermicro 1200W PWS-1K23A-1R Hot-Swap Power Module Titanium Level, Redundancy, 1U, PMBUS 1.2, +12V $340.00 PS-SM-1K23A-1R
Supermicro 1280W PWS-1K28P-SQ Power Module High-efficiency Digital Power Supply $349.00 PS-SM-1K28PSQ
Supermicro 1300W PWS-1K30D-1R -48V DC Power Supply $416.00 PS-SM-1K30D-1R
Supermicro 1400W PWS-1K43F-1R Hot-Swap Power Module $389.00 PS-SM-1K43F1R
Supermicro 1600W PWS-1K60D-1R CRPS DC 48V Input Power Supply 265mm Length $490.00 PS-SM-1K60D-1R
Supermicro 1600W PWS-1K62A-1R Hot-Swap Power Module $434.00 PS-SM-1K62A-1R
Supermicro 1600W PWS-1K68A-1R Hot-Swap Power Module for MicroCloud $449.00 PS-SM-1K68A-1R
Supermicro 2000W PWS-2K02P-1R Redundant Platinum Power Supply $508.00 PS-SM-2K02P1R
Supermicro 2000W PWS-2K03P-1R 1U Redundant Power Supply Module $410.00 PS-SM-2K03P-1R
Supermicro 2000W PWS-2K04A-1R AC-DC 2000W, Titanium Level, Redundancy, 1U, PMBus 1.2 $485.00 PS-SM-2K04A-1R
Supermicro 2000W PWS-2K04A-240 Hot-Swap Power Module, AC240V Input $485.00 PS-SM-2K04A-240
Supermicro 2000W PWS-2K04F-1R Hot-Swap Power Module $488.00 PS-SM-2K04F-1R
Supermicro 2000W PWS-2K05A-1R Hot-Swap Power Module $509.00 PS-SM-2K05A-1R
Supermicro 2000W PWS-2K08A-1R 1U Redundant Power Supply Module for 4124GS $495.00 PS-SM-2K08A-1R
Supermicro 200W PWS-202-1H Power Supply for 14-inch 1U Chassis SC512 SC510 SC503 SC502 Low-Noise Bulk $85.00 PS-SM-2021H
Supermicro 200W PWS-203-1H Power Supply for 1U Chassis $121.00 PS-SM-2031H
Supermicro 200W PWS-FRU-G3648-1R Hot-Swap Power Module for Switch $305.00 PS-SM-G3648-1R
Supermicro 2200W PWS-2K22A-1R 1U 2200W Redundant Power Supply Titanium $562.00 PS-SM-2K22A-1R
Supermicro 250W PWS-035M Power Module for SC742S-500 $145.00 PS-SM-035M
Supermicro 300W PWS-302-1S 1U Server Power Supply $158.00 PS-SM-3021S
Supermicro 400W PWS-407P-1R Hot-Swap Power Module, AC $233.00 PS-SM-407P-1R
Supermicro 500W PWS-504P-1R Hot-Swap Power Module for 1U Chassis $230.00 PS-SM-504P1R
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